Saturday, 4 January 2014

An Effective Homemade Treatment for Eczema

Finally, after trying organic virgin coconut oil (OVCO), extra virgin olive oil, steroid cream, immunosuppressive cream, organic pure shea butter, pure vitamin E oil, apple cider vinegar/baking soda mix, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, petrolatum (Vaseline), garlic juice, Udderly Smooth cream and GlaxalBase cream, and ingestion of homemade yogurt, kimchi and OVCO on my kids' continuous eczema outbreak, I finally came up with this recipe which worked amazingly with my kids' eczema. By the way it also works great on mosquito bites. Here it is, simple, cheap, straight from the cupboards:

1 tsp GlaxalBase cream (jar, not lotion in tube)
1/8 tsp garden sulfur powder (I used Green Earth)
*Note: GlaxalBase cream used on its own is a great daily maintenance treatment

Mix it up until dissolved and apply on the inflamed skin. Big girl said once it stinged for a few seconds once but not all the time. Little girl had no complain. It stopped itch in a few minutes and the skin had no more redness within a week. Well yes the elimination of food that caused sensitivity (in our case they're dairy products, soybean oil and strawberry) really helped decrease the number of flares but when there was an outbreak, this cream worked wonder.